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In February 2023, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Rt Hon Johnny Mercer, announced a substantial grant had been awarded to Bravo Victor – working with Esme’s Umbrella and Moorfields’ Eye Hospital – to ‘improve understanding of visual hallucinations among military veterans and refine management strategies to ensure individuals receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate healthcare’. The research will be led by Professor Renata Gomes and Dr Lee Jones, with Professor Mariya Moosajee.

This means that CBS has been acknowledged by the British Government.

Dr Lee Jones presented this Abstract at the ARVO Conference in the USA in 2023.

Clinical features and practice patterns in managing patients with Charles Bonnet syndrome and characterising psychological outcomes of visual hallucinations in military veterans | IOVS | ARVO Journals

Young researchers are becoming very interested in CBS research. We assume this is because CBS now has its own coding in ICD 11, achieved by Judith Potts with the help of Professor Andrew Dick (UK) and Dr August Colenbrander (USA).