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Charles Bonnet Syndrome: so much more than just a side effect of sight loss – Judith Potts, 2019 (sagepub.com)

‘I looked up and saw a tiger in my doorway. I thought I had dementia’ The condition that creates terrifying hallucinatons | Yorkshire Post

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The terrifying reality of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (telegraph.co.uk)



A call to the NHS to raise awareness of the visual hallucinations caused by sight loss – Charles Bonnet Syndrome – ILCUK


London Vision – Finding solidarity and support through Esme’s Friends – Esme’s Umbrella (charlesbonnetsyndrome.uk)

Study reveals increase in Charles Bonnet Syndrome symptoms due to COVID-19 | Eye News

‘Disturbing’ hallucinations increase during lockdown for blind people – BBC News

Blind People Experiencing Terrifying Hallucinations On The Rise During Lockdown (forbes.com)


‘Sometimes the whole room morphs into a different place’ | BPS

National Eye Health Week: In the spotlight – Charles Bonnet Syndrome, by Judith Potts. – LOOK – Supporting Visually Impaired Young People to Thrive (look-uk.org)

Charles Bonnet Syndrome emerges from the shadows | Eye News

Charles Bonnet Syndrome: The Eye Condition That Causes Hallucinations – East London Vision (wordpress.com)


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This much I’ve learnt: Judith Potts – Royal Society of …









Thomas Pocklington Trust Webinar

Royal Society of Medicine Webinar

Medicine and Me: Living with Charles Bonnet Syndrome (rsm.ac.uk)

Bloomsbury Festival Podcast – Esme’s Umbrella (charlesbonnetsyndrome.uk)

Judith Potts from Esme’s Umbrella on Charles Bonnet Syndrome. – YouTube

Eye Care and You: Charles Bonnet Syndrome with Judith Potts – YouTube

www.kdnk.org – Nick Isenberg – Podcasts about Charles Bonnet Syndrome from the USA.