Printable letter for GPs, Hospital Doctors and anyone you would like to be aware of Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

Dear Dr                                                      

Have your heard of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)? 

I/my partner/a relative/a service user lives with CBS but, unfortunately, far too few doctors are aware of the condition and far too many people are mis-diagnosed and ushered down the mental health route. This is not only a waste of precious NHS resources, but much more distressing for the patient.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a condition which develops when someone is losing vision. It causes vivid, silent, visual hallucinations which range from disturbing to terrifying.

It is not a mental health condition, nor is it rare – there are an estimated 1 million people in the UK living with CBS – and it is as likely to develop in children as in adults.

CBS now has a coding in ICD 11 – 9D56 – and is accepted as a condition in its own right, so it is vital that all healthcare professionals should learn about CBS.

For more information about the impact CBS has on the patient (and their families), medication which can be tried, medication which makes CBS worse (taken for other conditions), coping strategies, current research and Esme’s Friends’ chat and support groups, please log on to www.charlesbonnetsyndrome.uk

Best wishes,